SEO Optimized Blog Writer

Agent that writes an SEO optimized blog post given a title, description, SEO keywords, and site context
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SEO Optimized Blog Writer

This workflow streamlines the process of writing SEO-optimized blogs by leveraging AI to generate blog content based on a provided title, description, keywords, and the text scraped from a landing page.


Inputs to the workflow:

  • Keywords: Keywords that the blog should be optimized for, such as "project management AI, Booth AI benefits, AI tools".
  • Blog Title: The title of the blog post, for example, "The Benefits of AI for Project Management: Booth AI’s Approach".
  • Blog Description: A brief description of the blog, for instance, "How Booth AI’s tools can improve project management by automating tasks, improving accuracy, and enhancing collaboration.".
  • Site Landing Page: The URL of the website to scrape for contextual text, e.g., Booth AI.


The workflow produces a comprehensive and SEO-optimized blog post. Below is an example of a generated blog post:


To utilize this workflow:

  1. Provide the required inputs:
    • Keywords
    • Blog Title
    • Blog Description
    • Site Landing Page URL
  2. Trigger the workflow.
  3. Review the generated blog content for any necessary tweaks or edits.

By following these steps, you'll have a well-structured, SEO-optimized blog post tailored to your specified keywords and context.

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