Real Estate Listing

Generate detailed summaries for real estate listing images from uploaded ZIP files using AI
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Real Estate Listing

This workflow automates the process of generating a detailed description for a real estate listing based on images provided in a ZIP file. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze the images and craft a descriptive narrative about the property.


Inputs to the workflow:

  • file_url: URL to a ZIP file containing images of the real estate property.
    • Example:


The workflow generates a descriptive text based on the images provided in the ZIP file. The description highlights key aspects such as space, natural light, location, and overall appeal of the property.


  1. Prepare a ZIP file (.zip) containing images of the real estate property you wish to list.
  2. Upload the ZIP file and obtain the URL (file_url).
  3. Initiate the workflow by providing the file_url as input.
  4. The AI will process the images and generate a descriptive narrative for your real estate listing.

For more details on integrating and using this workflow, refer to the relevant sections in the documentation or contact support.

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