Background replacement for furniture

Furniture Background Replacement
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Background replacement for furniture photography

Place your existing product photography in new scenes, described by your custom text prompts.


Inputs to the workflow are the source imagery, and a detailed scene background prompt.

  • prompt Detailed text prompt to generate the furniture scene. Example: a photograph of it in a neutral, minimalist living room at golden hour photographed with an aperture set to f11 and iso to 100
  • image_url URL of the remote image to be used. Example:
  • position_image Position the product (translation, rotation, and scale) in the scene
  • horizontal_aspect_ratio Specify the output horizontal aspect ratio (a value of 2 outputs an image of aspect ratio 2:1


Result images with their background visualized as described from your text prompt.


How to use workflow

  1. Provide the URL of the image to be used as the base to the image_url field.
  2. Enter a detailed text prompt in the prompt field to describe the intended furniture scene.
  3. Run the workflow to generate a scene image integrating the provided furniture details within the specified environment.
  4. The output will be an image of the furniture in the specified scene based on the prompt provided.
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