3d Asset Background Replacement

Changes the background of 3D assets based on descriptive prompts.
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3D Asset Background Replacement

This workflow processes a 3D asset file to replace its background based on a prompt description.


Inputs to the workflow:

  • file_url: URL of the 3D asset file in GLB format. Example:
  • prompt: Description of the desired scene or background in which the 3D asset is to be placed. Example: a photo of a sofa in a beautiful modern living room with lots of natural light and plants


Output description:

  • An enhanced image of the 3D asset placed in the described background scenario.


To use the workflow:

  1. Provide the URL of the 3D asset file in the file_url input.
  2. Describe the scene or background you want the 3D asset to be placed in the prompt input.
  3. Execute the workflow.
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