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Product Tagging & Captions v2
Process a product image to generate a description and tags
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Write an Email with AI
Ask AI about a 10k
Ask an AI about a companies 10k statement
Eyeglass on AI Model
Place your eyeglasses on an AI Model
Clothing to AI Model
Dress a model with your garment
Real Estate Listing
Generate detailed summaries for real estate listing images from uploaded ZIP files using AI
Get My Shopify Products
Retrieve my Products from Shopify and display them in a Markdown table
Summarize podcasts from RSS
Generates podcast summaries using an RSS Feed
Background replacement for furniture
Furniture Background Replacement
Person Lifestyle Swap
Change the person and setting showcasing your clothing
Product Scene Change
Stage a Photograph
Position a photograph within a space and construct an environment around it
3d Asset Background Replacement
Changes the background of 3D assets based on descriptive prompts.
SEO Optimized Blog Writer
Agent that writes an SEO optimized blog post given a title, description, SEO keywords, and site context
Summarize text, and read it aloud
Summarize text, and read it aloud with AI
Bring your characters to life